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Gymnastics Bag Tag

Gymnastics Bag Tag

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***Please read the entire listing before ordering!***

These personalized sports bag tags are made with two layers of high quality 1/8” acrylic. Each bag tag comes with a wire keychain cable. See photos for the different color options.


Text: With this style of bag tag, a name is best

Acrylic colors (you'll need to choose for the background, gymnast/border, and name

Solid gloss acrylic: maroon, red, coral, pastel or bright orange, pastel or bright yellow, lime, green, teal, mint, turquoise, aqua, blue, bright blue, royal blue, navy, purple, lilac, blush, pink, bright pink, black, or white.

Glitter acrylic: blush glitter, pink glitter, red glitter, rose gold glitter, gold glitter, teal glitter, blue glitter, purple glitter, silver iridescent glitter, silver glitter


They will be around 3.5" in diameter depending on the sport. 


1. Type the text you want on the bag tag exactly as you want it. 

2. Use the drop down menus to choose your font and colors.  

3. Add to cart

You will need to do this for each bag tag. 

***Turnaround time is between 1-3 weeks depending on current number of orders.***


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